Benefit From Tuition Without The Prohibitive Costs

Tuition outside of the classroom has long been a popular way for students to get ahead. However, with tutoring commanding a fee of around £42 an hour, (with many tutors charging £60+) there is concern that the private tuition market is putting children from poorer backgrounds at an even greater disadvantage.

report from educational charity the Sutton Trust found that, in 2018, 27% of students have been taught by a private tutor, rising to 41% in London. This is hardly surprising as extra tuition has been shown to improve a student’s academic grades and their practical understanding of a wide range of subjects.

Whilst it’s amazing that an increasing number of students are benefiting from the accelerated learnings of tutoring, it also fuels concerns about educational inequality in the UK.

AITutor works to make tuition more accessible for everybody by taking the key benefits of private tuition: customised lessons, engaging forms of study, personalised tracks and making them available for free via our standard membership or under £15 a month via our premium membership. See here for how you can improve your maths ability with AITutor.

At AITutor we strongly believe that your circumstances should never be a barrier to reaching your full potential. Whilst we work to keep our prices as low as possible, we recognise they are inaccessible to some students and families. We, therefore offer scholarships, in the form of free premium memberships, to all those who are eligible for free school meals. Please see here for information about how you can get ahead for less with AITutor.

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